the BIG MOVE: Volume I

…after three absurd flights in absurdly narrow seats, I finally make it back to the patria, which I foolishly assumed would greet me with open arms and a bored, blank expression from a customs agent. Not. So. Much.

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Apples don't just fall from trees

Thus my position on the tree rose even further because now I’m not only a feminist killjoy, I’m a feminist killjoy who refuses to explain herself, sugar coat herself, or pander to the patriarchy for a dose of self-esteem… even if that does leave me feeling a little unwanted at times.

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Taña Cooklin Cevallos
Self-Indulgence as Self-Care

If you have ever felt personally victimized by Regina Georgefatphobia, raise your hand and repeat after me:

No amount of self-hate, no amount of well-meaning, ignorant friends and family will take away the shit I like to do. If I don’t want to go to the gym today – if my body hurts – if I have pushed myself to the limit when I knew it felt wrong, then I will STOP and listen to my body.

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